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Mad Students Society (MSS), created in 2005, is a community of students who are attending or planning to attend institutions of post-secendary or adult education and have past and/or present experiences with the psychiatric and/or mental health systems. We meet monthly and communicate through an email listserv to support each other, discover tools for self-advocacy, and connect with our history and broader social movements.

Our Vision is a community of empowered and mobilized Mad Students who are aware of the history of the psychiatric survivor movement and practice alternatives to medical perspectives on madness by supporting each other. We need  post-secondary environments that are free of systemic discrimination and celebrate and support differences of all kinds so that people can achieve their learning goals.

The MSS Mandate is to build a community of Mad Students that engages in peer support and advocacy for Mad Students in institutions of post-secondary and adult education.

MSS Goals:
  1. Create a supportive community of Mad Students that encourages connection to the broader psychiatric survivor community
  2. Discover and share effective tools for self-advocacy
  3. Mobilize Mad Students as an alternative voice to medical model understandings of madness
  4. Represent the voice of Mad Students by identifying shared experiences and barriers in order to address systemic discrimination and reliance on the medical model of madness in institutions of post-secondary and adult education

A group of stick-figures standing atop an open book and working together to hold up a heavy, bold letter 'M'